Long story short, I’ve got a busted back and a bum knee.

In physical therapy twice a week, I am under the care of PT Erik.  At home, PT Raphie takes over.

Checking for correct form.


Need a snack?  How about a tasty bite of Big Bone?


No?  Then maybe you would like me to put Blue Stick on your back instead.


Doing okay so far?


Making sure there are no monsters under the chair that might get Big Bone.


Let me help you with those leg lifts.


Can you feel the muscle releasing?


How’s it going?


I’m exhausted from all this work; I’m just going to rest a minute with my butt on the towel right where you put your face…


And so ends the session with PT Ralphie; he’s a giver and a helper…

Side note:  Yes, that is indeed shag carpet.  And no, I did not chose it.  It was already in the house when we bought it and will be removed just as soon as I convince my total bad ass husband (PTST) that we are capable of installing wood flooring ourselves.









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