I get the part where the terrorist attack is intended to instill fear, hence the name. What I don’t get is the part where the attackers think that random killing is a viable means to an end.   I mean, it makes sense to want to kill someone you know: a husband who has left his juice glass on the mantel since Saturday springs to mind. And trust me, there are plenty of people I’ve never met that I would relish being dead: Tom Brady, list topper. Close second: the Dyson vacuum cleaner guy.

But when you are just blowing up shit for the hell of it (pun unintended), what if you accidentally kill someone who has the same belief system as you? Is that just a casualty of war? Or do you get in trouble in whatever heaven you go to after you suicide bomb yourself? For instance, what if ISIS member A didn’t get the memo that ISIS member B was going to suicide himself at the soccer game and decided he would enjoy watching the Germany v France match? Next thing he knows, he is missing an arm. Does he just shrug—one-shouldered—and say, oh well, all in a day’s work for the cause? Let’s be serious; I love Jesus and all, but I’d be a bit miffed if Joel Osteen made me lose an appendage.

My total bad ass husband (PTST) says I have an overly-simplistic view of these things, which is why I believe there is no difference between a swastika and a confederate flag. He claims I am looking for logical actions from irrational people. It is a good argument, and I am a huge fan of Chris Rock’s ‘’whatever happened to crazy?’’ philosophy. But they all can’t be crazy.

Or can they? What if I’m the only sane person left? Oh geez, we are in a boatload of trouble if that is the case. I guess I should stop wasting my time blogging about terror attacks and get to work planning the future for Planet Earth. Prepare yourself; there’s gonna be a lot of potato chip eating, piles and puppies, and off-key singing.

Until then, remember:  love always wins..


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