We are back after a long holiday hiatus.  And today we celebrate Ralphie’s favorite toy, Blue Ring.  We all have our favorites. If there is more than one of something—a pen, a vacation spot, a kid–one of them is your favorite. If you say you don’t play favorites, you’re lying.

From the minute it was gifted to him from Aunt Lucy and Uncle Craig, Blue Ring was number one of all Ralphie’s toys in the basket. Not that the toys are ever actually in the basket, as opposed to strung all over the floor, but that’s a different story.

And what’s not to love? Squeaks, rolls, bounces; fits snugly on a snout; heavy enough to travel far when thrown, but not so heavy that it will sink in the snow and be lost; (virtually) indestructible. It is a perfect puppy playmate.



Any dog on earth walking past our house is offered up an enticement from Ralph to come into the yard and play. He grabs whichever of his millions of toys is closest and tears across the yard waving it like he is in the color guard, seemingly convinced that if he offers up just the right toy, or slaps himself in the head with it hard enough, the passing dog will recognize the fun to be had and immediately rush over to play. Believe it or not, sometimes it actually works.

However, Blue Ring is reserved for the chosen few: friends who have passed whatever test it is that lives inside Ralph’s demented little doggy brain, friends worthy of being offered Blue Ring.

But as often happens with the things we love, Ralphie used Blue Ring so much it tore. It started with a small hole, but it quickly grew until Blue Ring was no longer a ring at all. Once it became three separate pieces, we declared the end of Blue Ring. Fortunately, this coincided with the receipt of a new toy from Lucy and Craig, named Purdi for it’s purple dildo appearance, that is quickly becoming the new favorite.

Although Blue Ring has been ruled deceased by the humans, we have only succeeded in burying (in the trash can) one piece of the three. Ralphie still clings to the other two pieces and plays with them every day, so I don’t have the heart to trash them.  Maybe tomorrow, maybe never.  Nonetheless, the Ring is dead; long live Purdi.


RIP Blue Ring



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