It’s once again the time of year when I have more fingers on my hand than degrees on the thermometer.  This year we are blessed with an abundance of snow to accompany the cold weather.  I have repeated my “one day closer to spring” mantra until I’m hoarse, but it does not seem to be helping me weather (pun intended) the winter.

Not helping things is the fact that the neighborhood roads are too icy to safely walk a dog, which means the only exercise Ralphie is getting is when we play in the yard.  As it is only possible to stay outside for about five seconds until turning into a solid block of ice, the result is a wound-up crazy dog in the house–who becomes only more crazed when we go outside to play.  Fact:  even the couch potatoiest dog gets cabin fever after a frozen winter in WV.

Despite his delicate nature, the Nugget loves to play in the snow.  Unless, of course, one of his little doggy toes get too cold.  Then he needs to immediately be picked up and his frozen paw, identified by his holding attached leg in the air as if it were broken (and hanging his head as if his heart also were), be rubbed and soothed until he is miraculously cured in about three seconds and ready to tear around the yard like a mad man again.  Rinse, repeat.


Also on the topic of icy roads, there was a bit of excitement in the ‘hood this week due to the inclement weather.  One of the neighbors managed to go off flying off the road and land his car half-way over the hill, held in place only by a dead tree.

Fortunately no one was hurt, and the driver left the car overnight and wandered home.  The next day the tow truck man came, looked, laughed, took a photo of the car, and left.  The community Facebook page was atwitter (pun intended) with questions about guard rails to protect us all.  You know, since there is no protection for us against our idiot neighbors who drive like maniacs on icy roads.    But if the weather stays this way for much longer, Darwin will have that problem solved.  Ice don’t play.


The car has now been hauled away, and I am waiting for the next topic of discussion on the community page.  This is how I have come to occupy my time until it gets warm enough to go outside.  Last year I started writing this stupid blog; this year I read other people’s writing.  Usually it’s about whether or not the schools are open or if the garbage will be picked up, but sometimes people really show their ass.  I love that.  Makes me feel better about myself to see people being bigger assholes on line than I am.  Oh, and I have gone back to work.  Part-time.  More on that later.

I wish I could say I were spending my winter days driving up to Punxsutawney to choke that rat bastard Phil for lying about Spring coming early.  That would be a much more rewarding use of my time, but the roads are too icy for that.  Wonder if that’s where my neighbor was headed when he slid over the hill…







3 thoughts on “ICE COLD NUGGET

  1. Glad I’m not the only one getting tired of all this snow and cold. My pups are too! Though they love playing in the snow like your’s does 🙂 Great writing style!


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